For Reasons Unseen

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For Reasons Unseen


© 2009   Cassel Records

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    Hanneke Cassel: Fiddle, Piano, Vocals
    Keith Murphy: Guitar
    Christopher Lewis: Guitar
    Alasdair Fraser: Fiddle
    Natalie Haas: Cello
    Rushad Eggleston: Cello
    Brittany Haas:  5-String Fiddle
    Casey Driessen:  5-String Fiddle
    Ryan McKasson: Viola
    Cali McKasson Kovin: Piano
    Aoife O'Donovan: Vocals
    Lissa Schneckenburger: Fiddle
    Corey DiMario: Bass
    Laura Cortese: Vocals
    Hannah Read: Vocals
    Yann Falquet: Guitar


    1.  Ides of March
    2. Blackberry Festival Footrace / For Reals
    3. Scandalous
    4. Dusky Meadow / Sandy Cameron / Stress Bay / Miss Charlotte Alston
    5. Cali’s Wedding / Alasdair’s Jig
    6. Leila’s Birthday
    7. The Crane Estate
    8. Fire of Roses / The Key Grip
    9. Jungle Java
    10. Brooklyn’s Lullaby
    11. We are Dancer / The Goat Whisperer
    12. For Reasons Unseen / Rong Hua