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How do I pronounce Hanneke’s name?

Hanukkah (like the holiday) Castle (like the building)

Where can I get sheet music for Hanneke’s tunes?

Hanneke has a tune book, The Cassel Collection Volume 1, with all of her original tunes from her first three albums. Tunes are written out with the basic melody and chords. She is working on Volume 2 with pianist Dave Wiesler. Please sign the mailing list for updates!

Does Hanneke give lessons?

Check out the INSTRUCTION tab for info about Hanneke’s online fiddle instruction at Hanneke also teaches Skype lessons on a limited basis. You can contact for more information.

What camps is Hanneke teaching at this summer?

Fiddle camps Hanneke teaches at are listed under the INSTRUCTION tab. This summer she is only teaching at West Denmark Fiddle School, Mike Block String Camp, Harald Haugaard’s Intl. Fiddle School, and Valley of the Moon Fiddle School.

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