Dot the Dragon's Eyes

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Dot the Dragon's Eyes.jpg

Dot the Dragon's Eyes


© 2013 Cassel Records

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Hanneke Cassel: Fiddle
Mike Block: Cello
Keith Murphy: Guitar
Rushad Eggleston: Cello
Christopher Lewis: Guitar
Jeremy Kittel: Fiddle
Ryan McKasson: Viola
Cali Kovin: Piano
Dave Wiesler: Piano
Ariel Friedman: Cello
Aoife O'Donovan: Vocals


  1. Dot the Dragon's Eyes
  2. Katrina McCoy's jig / Sierra Fiddle Circle's Compliments to the Girls of Mudzini Kwetu
  3. The Captain
  4. Natasha McCoy's Reel / Lianne MacLean's Revenge
  5. Jig for Christina
  6. Eliana Grace / Dancing with Bryce
  7. The Marathon (For Boston)
  8. Lissa and Corey / The Sunrise
  9. The Important Thing Is / TIDGA
  10. Religulous / Patience
  11. Dianne's Waltz
  12. The Lime Hill Strathspey / Banks of Spey / Lexy McAskill