“...arrestingly beautiful... Her arrangements of traditional Scottish and Cape Breton tunes and originals composed in the Scottish idiom combine soaring melodies, ferocious momentum and dazzlingly intricate interplay.”
— The Mercury News (May 2017)
“Hanneke plays in a cosmopolitan style, drawing on Irish and Scottish traditions as well as the rich pickings of American fiddling. Her music is sweet, precise, gentle and powerful by turns, ranging from the earthy traditional Dusky Meadow and her own fiery reel Leila’s Birthday to the angelic waltz Brooklyn’s Lullaby.”
— Alex Monaghan, Irish Music Magazine (November 2010)
“ She made an immediate impact - self-assured and confident in her abilities and borne of some almost starry eyed existence... She inhabits the Scots/Cape Breton/Texan idioms with a worldview that’s all encompassing and enlightened.”
— John O’Regan, The Living Tradition
“This rich variety allows Trip to Walden Pond to sound like an Edwardian drawing-room soirée, a modern concert hall performance, an intimate traditional session, and everything in between.... Hanneke Cassel once again shows herself to be one of the finest and freshest fiddlers on either side of the Atlantic.”
— Alex Monaghan, Folk World (July 2017)
“...artistic and emotive... The interplay between Cassel and Block in particular, whether in duet or harmony, is one of the album’s [Trip to Walden Pond] most powerful elements.”
— Sean Smith, Boston Irish Reporter (June 2017)
“She is an excellent player with a level of versatility that enables her to move between musical styles with great ease, and a sense of creativity that pushes the boundary of a straight traditional sound without trampling all over it.
— Irish Echo (June 2014)
“She is already a rising star in the Celtic skies…her musical ideas are savvy and sophisticated, but her throaty, gusting style is deeply banked in the Scottish and Cape Breton traditions.
— Boston Globe
“Cassel weaves a kind of chamber-y folk that’s airy without being lightweight. She coaxes a lovely resonant sound out of the strings with fluid grace...”
— Elmore Magazine (May 2017)

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Hanneke On the road